Office Cleaning Services

Are you looking for a reliable, trustworthy cleaning service to clean your office? Spiffy Clean has you covered. We understand the office cleanliness reflects a lot on your business. You need to focus on your business and we will handle the cleaning.

How we improve your business:

  1. We help give your business a nice clean image. Customer’s notice the dirt and if you don’t take good care of your office, how are you going to take care of them?
  2. We can improve your company’s morale. When business owner’s delegate cleaning duties to office staff morale can sink. Your employees don’t want to be the one to clean the bathroom, empty trash and dust. Let your employees do what they are good at and let Spiffy Clean do what we are good at.
  3. You could have less employees calling in sick. When offices are properly cleaned and sanitized you will have less germs. When employees are sick, there is always a loss in production and output.
  4. We improve the air quality in your office. When dust builds it means more allergens. This can be hazardous to your employees and customers. Spiffy Clean doesn’t just keep your office “clean” we clean for health. We have the proper equipment and best tools available.
  5. We eliminate the hassle. When you hire Spiffy Clean to handle your office cleaning you no longer have a cleaning problem. No more over flowing trash cans no one wants to take out or dirty floors no one has time to clean. We have you covered!


What is your Rate?

We price per job. Prices vary depending on job and travel time. We understand that not everyone has the same needs. Every office is unique, and each cleaning plan is specifically designed to best serve our clients. If you need an idea of cost per cleaning please contact us and we can give you a price range. The price range is not guaranteed and a consultation at the service location is still required before your first scheduled cleaning.