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I always thought spiders came into your home as soon as the weather started turning cold. I’m not sure where I received this information, but boy was I wrong. The real reason we see spiders in the late summer and early fall is because it is their mating season. The spiders your seeing are the male spiders wandering around looking for a mate. These are called House Spiders. They live in your attic, basement, window sills and house plants. Your home is their natural habitat. They colonize via egg sacs attached to furniture or building material. As far as spiders coming into your home researchers say that only about 5% of the spiders in your home came from outside. Which means most of them have been living with us all along. This may cause some of us to run in fear, but there is a benefit to keeping spiders around. Spiders feed on common indoor pests such as roaches, earwigs, mosquitoes, flies and moths. If you don’t mind a few of these guys hanging around your home it’s important to know the different between a spider web and a cob web. A spider web can’t be seen by the naked eye. A cob web can be seen because dust will stick to it. Once the web isn’t sticky anymore it is useless to the spider and is ok it remove. Its important to remember that cobwebs are old and do not necessary mean you still have spiders in your home. I thought this was fascinating and wanted to share this information. If you need someone to remove those old cobwebs call Spiffy Clean at 641-426-2633. Sorry, but we won’t deal with the spiders lol. Thank you!